How To Get Free Robux in Roblox – Get Robux For Free Guide

How To Get Free Robux In Roblox Ultimate Guide

Are you finding out How To Get Free Robux in Roblox? If yes, then you are a lucky one. In this article, you will show you many different methods of getting robux for free. You will need to spend only a few minutes and possibly get thousands of Robux. So, you just follow our guide and you will be on your way to being rich. All of methods are easily, legally and safety. So you can use once of them without worry.

What is Roblox?

If you’re wondering what Roblox is, we have to wonder where you’ve been for the last 12 months or so? Because Roblox is a game that has seen a boom in popularity recently. It is a free to play online game platform and game creation system that allows players around the world to play in massive lobbies with others to experience the different games that others have created. You can also create your own games if you have the imagination and the know-how.

Now, Roblox is free in theory, but there are certain objects in game that might make the experience more enjoyable for the player. These objects need to be purchased with the in-game currency: Robux. Typically, you would have to spend real money to purchase these Robux to use in-game. But, there are ways to get Robux for free. Below is our guide on how to get free Roblox Robux in 2021, so you can experience all of the fun of the game, without ever having to spend a dime!

What is Robux?

Robux is the Roblox’s main currency that you can use it to buy many items on the roblox’s store such as outfits, hats, shirts and many more items to make your more fun. But to get robux, you need to purchase from roblox’s website which spend your real currency. However, you also get it for free by using many different ways. So in this article, we will show you how to get free robux in roblox below:

  • Using Builder’s Club
  • Selling Items
  • Join Roblox Premium
  • Create Your Own Roblox Game
  • Sharing Roblox Links

How To Get Free Roblox Robux

There are many different methods to earn robux for free. So all methods below are a good method for you to earn robux in roblox for free.

Using Builder’s Club

Builder’s Club was an old method of gaining more Robux on every order. By being part of the Builder’s Club a player had access to certain benefits, such as discounts on Robux and even a daily free gift of Robux. Unfortunately this method is now out of use, because as of September 23rd 2019, Builder’s Club was replaced by Roblox Premium.

However, some of the codes that were given out to the Builder’s Club members for free Robux have been leaked online in various places. Not all codes work, but there are certainly some that do. After Builder’s Club was replaced by Roblox Premium, many players chose to leak their exclusive codes to support other players with Robux. You might still get lucky and find a working code somewhere online even now.

Selling Items

It is possible for you to create items in game that other people want to buy. Typically these are things such as shirts or pants for your avatar. As a rule from Roblox Support, all Shirts/Pants are retailed at a minimum of 5 Robux, and all T-shirts are retailed at a minimum of 2 Robux. So, if you’re creatively minded and capable of creating something that other players might want, you can sell those items for Robux for yourself. The Robux you earn will be added to your account after each sale, and you’ll be able to use your free Roblox Robux to purchase things you want in game!

Join Roblox Premium

As we mentioned earlier, Roblox Premium was the Builder’s Club replacement from September 2019 onwards. Thankfully, many of the benefits that came with Builder’s Club carried over, so you can expect to see some great rewards for signing up. You can join Roblox Premium at a variety of different levels for a small price per month, but this does provide you with cheap Robux rather than free, but it’s still definitely worth mentioning on this list. Prices vary so do your research beforehand, but one of the benefits of joining is getting some Robux in your account straight away, and 10% bonus on any further Robux you purchase thereafter!

One of the great benefits is that by joining Roblox Premium you have access to creating a lot of different objects for sale, meaning you can earn more Robux in the long run from the sales of your items. It might cost real money to start with, but eventually you could earn enough Robux to make it worth your while.

Create Your Own Roblox Game

If you’re skilled and imaginative, you could realistically earn LOTS of free Roblox Robux by simply creating a game for the platform. Go to the Create section of Roblox and let your imagination run wild.

Once you’ve created a top quality game for others to play, you can make certain items available only when purchasing with Robux, so you could potentially earn a lot of Robux for free this way.

If this sounds like something you could do, there are plenty of video tutorials available online for you to check out and learn exactly how to create a Roblox game. Once you’ve mastered it, then the only limit is your imagination as you create game after game for other players to enjoy, all whilst you earn Robux for free!

Sharing Roblox Links

There is a programme called the Roblox Affiliate Programme which rewards people for sharing links to Roblox pages with free Robux. The more people that visit by clicking the link you provide, the more Robux you make. This is a really easy way to earn free Roblox Robux if you know of somewhere you can post it to get lots of people to click the link, without much effort needed on your part too. It’s a win win! As more and more people visit from your link, you earn more and more Robux free of charge!

Hopefully the above list has given you an idea about how to earn free Roblox Robux in 2021, so that you can continue enjoying every aspect of the game without having to pay much (or any) money at all!