Robux For Free – How To Get Free Robux Ultimate Guide

How To Get Robux For Free Ultimate Guide

How To Get Free Robux Instantly.

Are you searching for a way to earn Robux for free? If yes, then in this article is so good for you. We will guide you many ways to earn free robux. 

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a free online game platform that was found in 2006. Roblox allow you to create your own game and it also allow you to play game with other players. On Roblox, game developers can create their own games and publish games to the community. Especially, you can invite other players to join with you’re the game that you published.

The primary audience of roblox mostly are teenagers and younger children who enjoy the free games. So, Roblox is a good game for the game lovers.

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What is Robux?

Roblox has created its own currency which called Robux. Robux is main buck or currency of roblox. You can use robux to buy many different items in roblox such as outfits, hats, shirts and many more to improve your game or making more fun for the game. Unfortunately, you need to spend real currency to get robux. But, you do not need to worry; you also can earn robux for free. In this artcle, we will show you  many different ways detailing how to get free Robux in Roblox.

  • Builders Club members will get a daily Robux.
  • Builders Club members can earn 70% from selling their items such as shirts, paints, and seats.
  • Purchase Robux from website of roblox.
  • Builders Club members can get 70% of the profits from sell tickets for game, but non-builders only get 10% of the profits.

How To Get Robux For Free

Is it possible to get some free robux? Yes, you can earn some Robux in Roblox for free legally. In this article, we will show you many various ways to earn extra robux.

Join a Builders Club (BC)

Builders Club or (BC) is a special group that grants users extra privileges within the game. you will give get many advantages from this ground when you are creating worlds and developing your games.

The advantages of this method to get Robux is that when you register as a new member. you will receive a large amount of these initially when you register as a new member as a welcome bonus.

Added to this,  when you join this group, you will get a daily robux for free. But In this Builders clubs have three different levels. So you will get amount of free Robux daily, based on your level:

  • Classic: 15 Robux per day
  • Turbo: 35 Robux free per day
  • Outrageous: 60 Robux free everyday

Roblox Affiliate Program

Roblox affiliate program is a simple method to get robux for free. So to get robux, you just need to promote article on the platform or any game through a link. So, to get this link, you need to log into your roblox account and then you need to select the game or article you want to share. After that, you can promote it on social network.

For each user who accesses Roblox through your link and becomes an active player of the platform you have the opportunity to receive 5% of the Robux they buy.

You will get 5% from each user who buy robux through you link. This means that if 10 users buy 10 thousand robux through your link, you will get free 500 robux.

So, this method is so good every time they buy robux through your link.

Selling Game Passes

The good thing of this method to get robux is that you need to add a developed game to the Roblox catalog.

You are able to sell game passes offering benefits to any users who want to try your game.

The important thing in this method, if you are a part of the BC you can receive up to 70% of the profit from the sale of the game pass, but if you can a free user, you have the possibility of receiving only 10% of the profits.

Selling Game Access

This method and selling game passed are so similar. But the different between both methods is that, the game you develop must have good quality to make more attractive to users and want to join in it.

So before users can access you game, they need to pay. Because Game Access serve as a license.

You can set the price of the Game Access. You will get 70% of profit from selling if you can a member of Builders club and 10% if you are a free users.

Get Robux with Cash For Apps

free robux

Cash For Apps is an application available on iOS and Android devices. You just need to follow these simple steps below to get free robux quickly:

  • Download the application from Appstore if you use IOS or PlayStore if you use android devices
  • After installed the app successful, open the application. Cash For Apps will suggest you download any applications on your device and you also can uninstall those application anytime if you are not satisfied with them.
  • you will get points from Cash For Apps each time you perform this action. Then you can exchange for a Rixty Card gift after you get reach three thousand points, equivalent to one thousand Robux that you can get with this card within Roblox.

Along with this, Cash For Apps also has an affiliate program which allows you to earn more points and exchange them for gift cards.

Get Robux with AppKarma

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AppKarma is also a good application that you can use to earn robux for free. To get robux from this application, you need to complete any surveys and testing any applications to collect points. After you collect 9500 points, then you can exchange it for a $10 Rixty Card, equivalent to one thousand Robux.

AppKarma also has an affiliate program which you can earn up to 300 points per registered user through your link.

Get Robux with Google Opinion Rewards

how to get robux for free

Google Opinion Rewards is an application available for Android. You need to complete simple surveys to collect points. Then you can points for a gift card that you can use in roblox to get robux for free.

In this applications, to get 50 robux you need to complete 3 surveys.